After obtaining a real estate license, agents are tasked with the challenge of getting the right broker to hang their license with as they start off their career. It is the responsibility of an agent to sell themselves off as the perfect candidate for a broker and their office, and they can only do this by creating a good first impression. Since a resume is the first contact for a broker, agents should know how to write a convincing and great resume that represents their professionalism and gives them a chance to join their brokerage of choice.

A resume should not only contain information on experience and licenses gained, but should be able to speak to the broker and show a representation of the agent’s performance. The significance is more on what you have achieved other than where you have been. A broker will rely on your accomplishments, so ensure you mention them in your resume. Detail all successful projects and awards you have won and explain how this will help you represent their brand in the public.

Brokers are not looking for individuals who need training from the word go, they need agents who will hit the ground running and need as little assistance as possible. An agent should demonstrate self motivation and marketing skills that have worked for them before and which they will incorporate to work for them while under the new broker. A good resume should demonstrate an agent’s ability to go the extra mile, overcome challenges and succeed with minimal or no supervision at all.