While getting a real estate license is a good thing, it does not warrant having a successful real estate career. Many agents start off as successes in the first five years, then they quit after realizing it’s not their cup of cake. As a new real estate agent, starting a career can be quite challenging, but below are some unique steps you can follow to avoid failing or giving up on real estate and building a successful long term career.


The phrase practice makes perfect applies perfectly well in the field of real estate. The reason why new agents lack confidence is because they are not certain how to handle sellers and buyers while in the field. As a new agent, try and role play situations with other agents in the office or while at home with your friends. Practice how to answer questions and find out more about what buyers and sellers want to know about listings and transaction processes. The more you know, the more confident you become, and this translates into skills needed for successful transactions in quite a competitive field.


In any new business field, a coach plays a very important role in enrolling. As a new agent, getting a coach will not only set you up for business, but also hold you accountable and train you in pursuing new strategies. A coach will help you keep track of your business goals, finances and transactions. They will teach you how to spend money for your business wisely and show you untapped markets you can try and hit to expand your business. This is a good way to ensure you keep track of your real estate career and do well while on it.


As a new agent in the field, it may be necessary for you to go the extra mile and do more than just relying on referrals. Although this is the most common business growth strategy in real estate, technology has created other methods to use and still win yourself some new clients. Get busy on social media, attend open houses, real estate events and property showings. You can also search for expired listings and FSBOs and test your confidence in moving these properties within the shortest time possible.
A good agent knows that they need someone to shadow as they start off their career. A mentor who is in the same real estate field can help put things into practical perspective. Having someone to ask questions and follow helps gain confidence and familiarity with work in the field while still new. Its also good to search for helpful resources online that offer free training and courses that can help build your starting career. All these steps are a great way to set a good foundation for a successful real estate business.