Marketing your home


Online presence

Marketing not only takes time but also needs a well secured budget to make way for it. While this may be the case for many investors, there are other inexpensive ways to start with before venturing into major marketing ideas. Creating an online presence in real estate can be achieved in many different ways with tools and resources that have been made available for free. Some of the most useful and common sites to market in are facebook, hootsuite, paradym, google voice, mailchimp, quicksprout among others. These are quick, effective resources that an investor can start with when advertising their real estate business.


Creating new contacts and requesting for referrals is another cheap marketing tool that only requires an investor’s presence in real estate organized events as well as their confident presentation of achievements. Targeting motivated sellers is also another que for marketing great terms which in usual cases may prove difficult to find. An investor needs to be keen on events organized for the sake of real estate and work as much attendance as possible. Clients served are also good for referring clients either out of good service witnessed or with a promise of certain percentages in the commission. Anything that can promise a good ROI is a good marketing tool for investors to explore.

Attending auctions and networking

A good marketing strategy that can work for an investor is using networking as a way to gain information on acquiring off market properties. These kinds of properties are great because they are priced below market value, and require a simple fix or flip to bring back profits. However, a lot of research and due diligence is a must for an investor to close deals that are worth it.

Auctions are another great way to get off market properties, but require an investor to be aware of the property’s surroundings and potential before placing a bid on it.