There are a lot of factors that determine how long one would take before they become licensed for a real estate business in Florida. These would be such as course hours, application method, real estate school, the state process and so forth. In order to become a licensed real estate business agent or broker in Florida, find below some of the requirements and processes one must go through to be considered approved.

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The usual requirements are of legal age, that is eighteen years and over with a high school diploma. The required course work in Florida covers 63 hours and must be approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission. If you are already licensed as a real estate agent in another state which has an agreement with Florida, you can get a mutual recognition license. You do not need to be a Florida resident to qualify for a real estate license.

Your real estate license may be obtained faster or slower depending on the school where you choose to do the course. An online education school, for example may be able to offer your license faster than a traditional school. When applying for the Florida exams, the application must be notarized, include electronic fingerprints and check for payment of your course, whether broker or agent. Depending on the motivation to finish the course work, one can study at their own pace and get licensed once all requirements are met.

The application to become a licensed real estate agent is also another factor to put into consideration, together with the exam process. You may get your test results and a temporary license from your test site or have to wait for the applications to be sent to the right channels and exam results announced after some time. All this is dependant on the systems and structures put in place in your state.