There are a lot of ways to get into the real estate business. You can not only become a real estate agent but also get into other financial options, customer service, and investment opportunities. There are those positions that will require you to obtain a license and those that need a degree to qualify you, and then your skills come as an addition to the specialist field you are interested in joining. Below are some of the major real estate fields to get involved in.

Real Estate Management, also known as Property Management involves looking after investment properties. As a property manager in the real estate field, your work will be to take care of tenants on behalf of the homeowners, coordinate leases, establish rental prices, oversee repairs and replacements, screen tenants, collections and analyzing the market from time to time. In order to be considered qualified in this field, you will require a CPM or Accredited Residential Manager to sell your services professionally.

The field of construction and development in real estate requires individuals who are good at multitasking and can handle projects within the required time frame. You can either join by working with an established development firm or open your own firm by getting the required equipment and managing your own labor. The complexities of this field will need one to have good qualifications for construction and coverage of risks.

The most common field that most real estate agents join is the residential field. Here, agents are involved in helping clients buy and sell their properties by charging a commission of the total selling or buying amount. This field is occupied with lots of agents because anyone above 18 years of age who has sat for their exams and is licensed can do real estate. You can always check with your state the requirements set for becoming an agent.

Commercial real estate is another field mostly dominated by professionals who have graduated from residential sales and are now concentrating on selling office spaces, hotels and lands meant for commercial building, apartments, hospitality properties and industries. There are commercial certifications required in this field and other professional organizations that one can join to have support from other commercial bodies too.

There are other fields such as real estate appraisal, investments, banking and entrepreneurship that one can get themselves involved in. Depending on what one wants to achieve and their reasons for joining the real estate industry, a lot of options are available to choose from.