About Us

Team Real Education Solutions

Team Real Education Solutions is a premier real estate education organization that offers courses designed to advance your career in real estate and related fields.

Our team of professionals actively practice real estate understand both the needs of new students and those furthering their career through additional education.

We are keen in the development of your career just as you are, that’s why we work with professionals as partners in education. We offer flexible courses and expert advice in the real estate professional world that prepare you for both exams and the outside practical world as well.

If you are interested in developing your career further, Team Real Education Solutions also offers flexible online continuing education courses that will not only keep you at the forefront of the industry, but prepare you for higher levels of real estate services in your community.

We are continuously adding new information in our systems and courses to stay ahead of the game by offering up-to-date information, boosting your confidence and preparing you for day to day real life scenarios.

Team Real Education Solutions should be your number one choice for learning,  not only by experiencing our professional instructors but also flexibility in the choice of courses you’re interested in pursuing.