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Get licensed with one of Florida’s top real estate schools.

Join 300,000+ other real estate professionals


Launch Your Real Estate Career

Get licensed with one of Florida’s top real estate schools.

Join 300,000+ other real estate professionals


It’s a Good Time to Start a Career in Real Estate

Real estate offers independence, control over income and dynamic, exciting work

Real Estate

If you’re thinking of getting into the real estate business, but nervous about the first step, consider Team Real Education Solutions your stepping stone towards a successful career path. We offer courses that cover all property related fields with content that is relevant and approved, and that which will guide you through your career. Our courses are designed to prepare you for the outside practical world once you are considered a licensed agent or broker.

Professional Development

Our professional development courses are designed to satisfy your need for education in order to better your career.


Get licensed with one of the nation’s top online real estate school and get started in your real estate career. We value your flexibility by offering online courses designed to fit your tight schedule. If it’s convenience you seek, let Team Real Education Solutions offer you this and much more.

About Team Real Education Solutions

Team Real Education Solutions is a real estate institute that offers real estate licensing and education solutions for aspiring agents and brokers interested in real estate investment and wealth building through education and networking. We are a team of qualified professionals with an extensive knowledge in the real estate industry, dedicated to train you on all aspects of the real estate business.

Brian Woods - Team Real Education Solutions

Brian Woods

Lead Educator

Brian Woods has a diversified background. Being formally trained in information technology, business administration, project management and real estate, gives Woods a very unique perspective. While very capable helping clients with traditional real estate, Woods’ knowledge and experience frequently offers outside the box opportunities to increase value for the people he helps.

He is also a member NARPM, FARPM, NAR, FAR, RAPB and PMI.

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The Team Real Education Solutions blog offers a wealth of information to help you get your real estate career off to a strong start. Explore how-to guides, learn from the experts and tap into the latest news that’s moving the real estate profession forward.

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